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It’s been 26 years since I was last in Canada, but one thing I do remember is the time it takes to get here! We left home yesterday at about 09:30, got to the airport for 12:00, boarded the plane about 15:00, bounced across the Atlantic for 7¾ hours and arrived in Ottawa at 18:30. That messed with George’s head a little bit given it was bedtime twice before he actually got to bed. He was shattered by the time we got to Carleton Place, but he completely ignored that because of the extreme excitement of seeing Auntie Jacqui! He crashed fairly quickly (along with Rose and I), but he wanted to get up again at 03:30 :sleepy:.

Thankfully we managed to get him back to sleep for a couple of hours, but we were still up by 7! Given it was our first day in Canada we didn’t really want to do a lot so Jacqui and Rick arranged for the tribes to visit in the afternoon. It was great watching how George interacted with all these people he didn’t know. As soon as someone new arrived, he pounced on them to tell them all about the playroom downstairs and the Lego and insisted that they had to come down and play! Everyone did what they were told until Jon arrived because he was hungry and nothing, not even George, was getting between him and food! Funnily enough this didn’t seem to bother him, he just grabbed someone else and carried on!

It was really nice, if a little hectic, to see my cousins again, and their families and to meet Rick’s kids and their families too. Just a bit of a shame Rob, Chelsea and their tribe couldn’t make it. Hopefully we’ll get to catch up with them before we move on to the Toronto leg of our holiday on Saturday.

Time for bed now and maybe I’ll get this posted before the end of the week :smiley:

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