Spur of the moment travel has to be the best possible type. Our good friend (and Best Man at our Wedding), Mark Charlton, spotted an advert from Icelandair promoting a Deluxe Northern Lights Tour package. The message was duly posted on Facebook to see if anyone fancied going and suddenly the three of us were booked on for New Year. It was a good deal at a fairly reasonable price (considering it was Iceland) and so there was almost no question of whether we would be going or not. Awesome!!

We had absolutely no idea what to expect with Iceland as none of us did any research before leaving at all. We therefore had loads of warm clothing, big winter walking boots and I even hired a fancy wide angle lens from Lenses for Hire to make sure we could capture the potentially stunning landscapes and Northern Lights :smiley:. On arrival we found that the temperatures were comparable to the UK at this time of year and there are only 4 ½ hours between sunrise and sunset. It was a brilliant couple of days, but the weather was against us from the evening of our first day so we never managed to see the Northern Lights, although we did get the opportunity to see the incredible fireworks display over Reykjavik to see in the New Year. We would thoroughly recommend taking a visit to Iceland, but maybe do it in March or September to get the best of the daylight, and the best of the dark (for the Northern Lights obviously).