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Lantau Island Disneyland!!!! :-) :-)

BBQ on the Beach

  |     |   China 2009   |   China, Hong Kong

Our lazy mornings continue, so we left the hotel this morning a little later than planned with the intention of going back to Stanley for the markets and the beach. On arrival in Stanley we got stuck into the markets picking up the last of our trinkets/pictures etc. We then went to the local supermarket to pick up the supplies needed for a BBQ on the beach for an early birthday party. It was then time to get to the beach :smiley:.

The first task was to find a free barbeque pit that was in the shade. Turns out that at 1400, this was not a difficult task. We were the only ones using a barbeque pit! Mark set the fire going and we left Rosie in charge whilst we went for a swim. The water was beautifully warm, if a little salty. We swam to the first floating platform, and realised we were both still quite unfit despite all the walking/running we have been doing on this trip. Nevermind.

After a breather on the first platform we headed to the second and third platforms before turning back to the shore to help with the cooking. We got back just as Rosie was sorting the first pork steaks, so we donned our party hats and let the party begin :grinning:. We all stuffed ourselves with various meat based products, bread and fizzy drinks and chilled for a bit before taking a final dip in the sea. We again swam to the first platform, but this time returned from here for a quick shower before catching the 6X back to Central for the ferry to the mainland.

Well I guess the time is coming for us to come back to the UK soon as our final task of the day was to start packing. Oh well, it’s been an awesome 8 weeks so I guess we can’t really complain.

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