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Chengdu and beyond

  |     |   China 2009   |   China, Chengdu

So we have come to our last day in Chengdu. We packed our kit this morning and left it with the Concierge of the hotel for the day. We then headed out into the world to explore Chengdu. It seems to be a very organised city as all shops of the same type always seem to be on the same road. For example, on our way to the Tianfu Square, every shop we passed was a mobile phone shop, with a few food stops on route. Tianfu Square is just another big square like any other in China, with a big statue of Chairman Mao.

We quickly moved on from here to Renmin (People’s) Park. In the park there were endless people dancing and playing music, as well as toffee sculptors. It was a very lively atmposphere. We retired to the local teahouse where we spent a few hours relaxing with a cup of tea each and a huge thermos flask of water for our free top ups :).

In the evening, we went back to the hotel for our transfer to the airport. Thankfully this was a much simpler flight than the last one!

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