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Vegas!! ...oh, not again! Lantau Island

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!!

  |     |   China 2009   |   China, Hong Kong

Kung Fu Fighting

This morning began in the usual way, we got the MTR to TST, we were harassed by tailors and watch salesmen and we went to Deli France for breakfast. However, this time we went into a tailors shop for prices and information. Mark was looking for some new work shirts that were a good fit, and I wanted a proper dress shirt. This first tailor was useless and would not listen to what we wanted, but the second tailor happily listened, then told us what was going to happen. He had the right attitude, and reasonable prices, but we said we would think about it.

From the tailors, we headed onto the Hong Kong Science and Technology Musuem. Being big kids, the interactive nature of the museum held our attention for ages. Having completed the ground floor of the musuem, we realised that it was already 1430 and the free Kung Fu demonstration in Kowloon Park was due to start at 1430. We grabbed our bags and legged it. Thankfully we bought a HK musuem pass so we can come back.

Dragon/Lion Dance

We arrived at the Kung Fu demonstration in time for the Dragon/Lion dance. Whilst Mark and I took pictures of the demonstration, Rosie hooked herself up to the Free Government WiFi system and sorted out our shopping for when we get home, ain’t technology great :)! During the demonstration, the audience were invited to try out the drumming, and the costumes so, surprise, surprise, Mark jumped in and tried everything he could. It was a good show, but we didn’t stay till the end because there was a lot of repetition and very little sparring.

BP House Entrance

After leaving the Kung Fu show, we went back to BP House. We visited the Hong Kong Scout Shop, and donated a few items to the Scouting Gallery, whilst also nosing around the training rooms because a lot of training was going on. We then finished the day off on the harbourside watching the Hong Kong Harbourside Light Show. Even though the commentary was in Cantonese, it was brilliant.

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