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Paddy fields and landslides

  |     |   China 2009   |   China, Guilin

Since our last post, we have finished up in Shanghai, and we are now in Guilin. Time for a bit of a catch up. Our last day in Shanghai we had no tours booked, so we had a lazy morning and only headed into the city for lunch. After lunch, it was time to visit Renmin (People’s) Park/Square to see how it differed from every other Renmin Square in China. Turns out not a lot, but the museum on the south side of the park was quite an interesting structure.

We then had a very enjoyable early start for our flight to Guilin. Nevermind, the flight was again due to leave on time, but there was an hours delay once we boarded the plane. The rest of the flight was fine, and we were picked up from the airport and transferred to our hotel without a hitch. On arrival in Guilin, we took an abbreviated city tour and then collapsed in the hotel to escape the humidity.

Today, we had a tour to Longsheng county to see the terraced paddy fields. As usual, it was a very long drive (2½ hours), but this time it included a nice walk once we got there. On route to Longsheng we had a few problems with the roads where landslides had blocked large parts of the road, but hey, it made the journey that little bit more exciting.

We parked up at the bottom of the hill where our guide cheerily said “See that flag, way up there? That’s where we’re going”. We were not impressed, especially due to the fact the temperature was in the mid thirties and the humidity was intense. In the end it was a nice walk, and the views from the top were definately worth it.

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