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Moving back to site, and resiting the Gers

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Having had a good nights sleep in proper beds at the shelter, we all felt a little more refreshed. A scouting party was sent back to site to assess the damage so we headed out into Zuunmod to see what was about. It turns out, not a whole lot. It was interesting to see that a lot of the shops appeared to be operating out of people’s front rooms.

At lunch time, word got back that site was livable so we walked back admiring the countryside. On arrival back at site, a national park official was discussing where the Gers had to be moved to. The committee also got a good ticking off about digging toilets, and ditches to divert the flood waters. So after he had left, all the gers were emptied and the removal began. This process involved all the kit being taken out of the gers and a 15-20 strong team to enter the gers, lift them, and walk them 250m uphill - hopefully to where the floor had been reassembled. Thankfully the predicted follow on storm did not hit us, as it took us all afternoon and part of the evening to get the gers resited. A fairly strenuous day all in all.

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