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National Park Litter Pick

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As part of the service projects we were asked to do a litter sweep of the valley from the entrance of the National Park up to the temple. After a fairly good lie in, this was today’s task. On entry through the park gates the 80 (ish) of us lined up and set off. In total it took approximately 4 hours to complete the sweep of the valley and we must have easily filled 120 black bin bags with rubbish. We headed back to site then for a relaxing afternoon/evening. Dawn ran a guided meditation for those that were interested and a lot of people washed clothes.

The evening was spent with a Mongolian cooking competition, although our Mongolian Rover Scouts were not allowed to help us. We attempted to cook dumplings, a mutton stew and sweet bread twist for dessert. Each of us, including Orgi, thoroughly enjoyed our meal, but felt we probably hadn’t done too well due to the poor presentation and maybe lack of knowledge of Mongolian cooking, however, we managed to finish 3rd. We were very happy with that result. 1st place was tied, so a quick sprint relay was used to decide the winner.

The rest of the evening was chilled out, so all in all a very good day.

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