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The journey begins Rain and Silk Markets

Our first day in Beijing

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Dinner was also very nice, we had steamed chicken, black mushrooms and Jasmin rice with an awesome cheesecake for dessert. After watching a bit of , we retired to our fully flat beds! :) Breakfast was served at some ungodly hour that didn’t quite work somehow. We both had the fresh fruit salad, and Rosie finished that off with a full English.

As we were preparing to land, the stewardess in Club World told us the Chinese officials have recently been boarding every international flight in Hazmat suits to check everyones temperature and quarantine those who have flu like symptoms. However, due to the number of people on our flight, the Chinese adopted a slightly simpler system. All passengers were filtered through a screening area on route to the security checkpoints. Temperature sensors were aimed at all passengers, and anyone with a raised temperature was pulled to one side for an examination. This was a little unnerving, but almost everyone came through without a hitch, and everyone came through eventually.

Once the Chinese were happy that no-one in our party was a carrier of Swine Flu, we headed straight out to a restaurant for lunch. This consisted of a large selection of apparently spicy food, laid out as a banquet. A thoroughly good feed all in all. One the chickens feet and duck heads were all gone, we were shepherded to our hotel, just around the corner from the Forbidden City.

After a short siesta, Mark, Rosie and I headed out for a wander around Beijing to see the outside wall of the Forbidden City, and to get some grub. We found a small place just across the street from the City that served some amazing Sweet and Sour Pork with mediocre Peking Duck.

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