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Life's a Beach

  |     |   China 2009   |   China, Hong Kong

Stanley Beach from the rocks

Got up to sunshine this morning, so what better idea than to go to the beach :). We had a lie in, then headed out for breakfast, and the Star Ferry across to Hong Kong Island. After a little confusion over the location of the bus station due to all the construction works going on, we found the bus we needed and moved on to Stanley on the South side of the island. This bus trip showed us/me that Hong Kong isn’t massively densely populated everywhere, just the North of the island and Kowloon really. We also passed a big hotel with a massive hole through it. Apparently this was needed for Feng Shui.

On arrival in Stanley, we took a wander around Stanley Market. They sell allsorts there, and they’re not as bolshy as the marketeers in Mainland China so we were able to have a look without too many people saying “Looky, looky…better price for you” etc. It was quite pleasant. After exiting one end of the market, we walked along the coastal road and had Pizza Express overlooking the bay. It was the first decent pizza we’ve had in a while.

After lunch, we walked through another leg of the market and on round the peninsula to the beach. Rosie remembered there being bbq pits along one side available for anyone to use so we checked where, and how many, there were for future reference and sat on the rocks watching the world go by.

As time was moving on, we decided it was about time to head back and get to Kowloon station in time to meet Mark at the end of the Airport Express. On Mark’s arrival, we sorted the taxi and got back to the hotel and this time we finally got everything sorted out because the women Wexas has been speaking to was on duty :). We are now fully paid up, the amount we were originally told and without a stupid deposit, so everything is good.

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