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Monkey on the Central - Mid levels escalator

Due to Mark’s long journey from Sydney, we had a lazy start to this morning heading out at around 1100. To keep the day from being too busy we did a brief tour of Hong Kong covering some of the things Rosie & I have already done. We started along the Kowloon peninsula viewing the Hong Kong skyline, walking the Avenue of Stars and visiting some posh hotels for prices (just for a laugh). It was about this time we decided to head across to Hong Kong island to do the Central - Mid levels escalators again. It was still fun, and this time, Monkey joined in the fun too :).

Hong Kong Botanical Gardens - Reptile House

Again, we followed this up with a walk through the Hong Kong Botanical and Zoological gardens, but this time, we found the right road from the top of the escalator so didn’t miss out the first half of the park. This time we were able to see the reptile house, which was a bit pathetic really housing only 2 crocs and a Burmese python, and the mammal houses. Still fun the second time round. We continued through the gardens and onto Hong Kong park to show Mark how cool the walk through aviary was :D.

The Peak Tower

We followed this up by going back up to the Peak, this time via the Peak Tram. We also decided that it was worth the expense to go to the top of the Peak Tower to see the views from the sky terrace. We were able to see quite a long way in all directions from there, although there was a bit of a haze around that shrouded the buildings in the distance. As we were up there, we chose to have dinner in one of the restaurants, and after a small amount of negotiation, we also got a table with a view :D.

Hong Kong at night

With a view that good, we couldn’t resist going back up to the Sky Terrace for some night shots back over Kowloon. This was a bit of a mission due to the fact everyone had the same idea, although I think it would be the same on any night. After shoving our way through and getting some shots, we got back on the tram, then the MTR and on route to the hotel, we stopped off at the Ladies Market. This was mainly a clothes market, but Mark did manage to pick up a cheap, small daybag that would suit his needs for the rest of the trip.

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